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As an instrument of the Catholic Church and Saint Mary Parish, we help parents to educate children and to guide children to live as disciples of Jesus.  
Registration Information (2018-2019 School Year)
We are currently taking applications for all grades Preschool through 8th grade. For more information please call the school office at 614-444-8994 and ask for Mrs. Budd.
Online Registration Form
Criteria for Acceptance

In the admission of children to St. Mary School, the order of priority shall be as follows:
  • Children of St. Mary German Village parishioners.
  • Newly moved into the parish with children and have been in Catholic Schools.
  • Children from Diocesan parishes other than St. Mary.
  • Children from non-parish families with students already enrolled in the school.
  • Transferred from another Catholic School a) from parish schools that are closing, or b) from parishes not offering full programs, K-8.
  • Non-Catholic families.

Other students transferring into St. Mary School may be admitted on the basis of personal interview with the principal.

Tuition Assistance Information: https://www.factstuitionaid.com (tuition assistance aid application)

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FAQ: Address Verification
FAQ: Custody
FAQ: Income Verification

The following components will be used to determine final acceptance for St. Mary Catholic School.

  • Completed Registration materials
  • Current school records must be presented to school principal within two weeks of registration (i.e. most recent report card and interims). However, if the first day of school is less than two weeks after registration, or school is currently in session, then the current school records must be obtained before the registration procedure can be completed.
  • An interview will be held with both parent and student with the school principal prior to acceptance.
  • School personnel may contact personnel from student’s present school to acquire and verify information regarding academic areas, conduct, effort, and attendance.
  • We accept all new students on a probationary basis. We will do all we can to help your child adjust to our surroundings and curriculum. It is important for your child to be cooperative in his/her schoolwork and behavior. Continued behavior issues may result in your child being asked to withdraw. After a trial period of one academic quarter, we will re-evaluate to make sure that our program is appropriate to meet your child's needs.
  • We accept the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship. If your child attends a qualifying Columbus City School, he or she may be eligible to receive a scholarship to our school.
Our goal is to see that each child meets success with our program. Families will be notified when the admission procedure (conditions 1-5) is completed. You will then receive a handbook that will outline uniforms, discipline policies, procedures, etc.