Saint Mary School | Online Learning Information | Week of August 17th

Dear Parents and Guardians,   I hope that you had a fantastic weekend!    As we continue through the month of August, I wanted to share with you the online learning announcements for this week:  

  • Virtual Orientation: We will have a virtual online learning orientation on Monday, August 24th.  During this time, we will discuss general program information, assessments, expectations, etc.  More detailed instructions about your child’s particular classroom will be given on Wednesday, September 2nd (see details below).  

  • Orientation Link:

  • Meeting ID: 829 0206 7409 

  • Passcode: 7hKx49 

  • Material Pick-up/Staggered Start:  We have decided to schedule two in-person times for our online learners to come to the school, meet with their teacher in groups no larger than six students, etc.  This time will allow the teacher to actually walk through the online learning platform with the students, troubleshoot, test usernames and passwords, etc.  Students who are not using school-issued iPads are asked to bring the device they will be using at home if possible so that the teacher can help bookmark important pages and the students can practice the programs that they will be asked to use at home.  If your child is using a desktop computer at home, he/she can borrow a school-issued iPad during his/her scheduled time (below).  If you do not feel comfortable having your child come to the orientation, you can come to the school on that day to pick up your child's textbooks, learning materials, device, etc.: 

  • 9-11 am: Students with last names A-M 

  • 1-3 pm: Students with last names N-Z 

  • Supplies:  We understand that you most likely have the majority of the supplies that you need at home, so if you have supplies similar to the supplies on the list, that is great!  If there is anything specific that your child needs from the list, his/her teacher will email this information to you.  

  • Visit Times and Schedule:  The daily schedules and visit times are being finalized and will be sent soon!  

  • Uniform: If you choose to have your child visit school during our scheduled visit times, he/she will be asked to wear a uniform.  

Each week, we will also be sharing one resource to aid in the online learning process.  This week’s resource comes from “”: 

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know!  

--- God bless, Kayla Walton | Principal, Saint Mary School

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