Academic Specials

Foreign Language, Physical Education, Art, Music, Talented & Gifted

Physical Education

The purpose of physical education is to provide health related and skill related fitness concepts in order to create and environment that promotes the development of lifelong movers.

Art Education

In art class, student growth is encouraged through a diversity of ways. Art class aims to improve creative thinking, problem solving, self-expression, peer respect, fine motor skills, and confidence. Students learn and practice the elements of art, while exploring their personal artistic abilities.

Music Education

In the performing arts area, we focus on learning the fundamental music elements. Through these elements, students become knowledgeable and participate with musical instruments, vocal singing, movement, and beat recognition. With these skills and learning about the history and genres of music, we will promote a lifelong love of music.

Talented & Gifted

The purpose of our Talented and Gifted program is to provide the opportunity for above level students to work with peers in order to provide and environment of stimulation and motivation. We use project based learning to allow students to learn from each other and enhance their skills.